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Walking Through Wars:
Why a Faithful Salvadoran Girl Abandoned Her Home

by Milagros Vela as told to Rita Moran

In a shantytown above San Salvador, a deeply spiritual Pipil-Creole girl overcomes endless traumas—hunger, abuse, war, illness, and natural disaster—to seek refuge in the U.S. Now she cares for the children of American tech workers.

Excerpts from Walking Though Wars have appeared in these publications:
  • The excerpt "Civil War in My House" earned the Nonfiction Award in Forum, the literary magazine of City College of San Francisco.
  • The excerpt "Sleepwalking Home" won Second Place for Nonfiction in the 2021 Effie Lee Morris Literary Contest sponsored by the San Francisco chapter of the Women's National Book Association.

Guerillas Come to Middle School

In sixth grade, our principal invited a troop of big men, blue-eyed, their white skin burned by the sun, to come and teach us boys and girls how to handle machine guns. How to lose the fear. They looked at us with pity, but not compassion.

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